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We employ some of the most talented painters in New Zealand, supported by our specialist teams, deliver unrivalled paint services solutions.


Interior painting

Our interior painting service is more than just a lick of paint. We know the Auckland market inside and out and are specialists in the array of property types in our diverse city. From transforming century old villas to magical makeovers for homes of the 70s and 80s, to new homes or commercial spaces, we minimise disruption and quality assurance is our top priority. From colour choice to the best quality for your property or price point, our experts take care of everything for you. As a Member of Master Painters, our quality is assured and backed by the experts.

Exterior painting

When it comes to your home, beauty starts from the outside. And it’s your home’s exterior that also protects your property from the harsh natural elements. Let us take care of your home’s external painting needs. Our full service includes an honest, up-front cost and we can advise on which colour and paint types to suit your home.

Plasterboard stopping

Our quality stopping service has you covered, no matter what size of job you need. Our no fuss, professional team are specialists in all plastering work, from fixing a cracked wall to getting a new room ready to paint or a new build from the ground up. We’re experts at repairing ceilings and cornices, patching and total plastering jobs. A quality stopping job is also a crucial foundation for your painting job. The smoother your walls are, the better your paint finish will be.

House washing

Keeping your home’s exterior clean is more important than just looks. Ensuring that mould, moss and dirt is regularly removed from your home can prevent your timber rotting and rust taking control of your roof. And like most things, the longer you leave something, the harder it is to clean or salvage. And if you’re getting your property’s exterior painted, washing the grit and grime off something we recommend you get done first.

Paint stripping

Paint stripping is the messy – and potentially hazardous – part of the painting process, and our specialist people and equipment know what needs to be done. Paint dust and the fact that many Auckland homes were styled with lead-based paint before the 1980s, means that extreme care needs to be taken when stripping paint. That’s why we recommend you leave it to a Master Painter, like us. We know how to protect your home, your family, other professionals working on your property, and ourselves.

Roof painting

Nothing keeps the roof safe over your head like a thorough and professional paint job. Our quality roof painting service keeps your roof safe from all the elements, from extreme heat, to wind and battering rain and no roof is too high or too steep for us. And while we’re up there, we’ll let you know if you need any repairs before painting starts, as unmasking remedial work now will save you later. We use roof paints specifically designed for the harsh New Zealand elements by leading brands and can advise on the right shade to complement your home. Plus we have years of experience in reviving and protecting concrete tile and steel roofs.

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